3M DG3 Reflective Sheeting Series 4000

3M DG3 Reflective Sheeting Series 4000
  • Adhesive Type: Pressure-Sensitive, Solvent Free
  • Colour: Colour-Pineapple, Green, White
  • Colour Code: 4090, 4091, 4097
  • Length: 50 yd
  • Mark: SEM
  • Print Compatibility: Screenprint
  • Reflective Level: Diamond Grade Prismatic (DG3)
  • Reflective Type: ASTM Type IX
  • Removability: Permanent
  • Series: 4000
  • Thickness: 22 mil
  • Width: 6"

3M™ Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting Series 4000 is the most efficient retroreflective prism design currently available from 3M and is designed to be used on vertical traffic signs and delineators. This film is an effective, wide-angle reflective, regardless of its orientation on the substrate or the ultimate orientation of the sign after installation. This helps return light to drivers from a variety of different viewing geometries.

Prismatic sheeting manufacturing results in lines being present in the product

Key Features

  • 22 mil Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting
  • Super-high efficiency, full cube retroreflective
  • Higher luminance values improve safety
  • Meets ASTM D4956 Type XI specifications
  • Returns 58% of available light to maintain visibility
  • Provides improved visibility over glass bead retroreflectors and truncated cube optics
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive backing
Colour Code
  • Adhesive Type
  • Mark
  • Print Compatibility
  • Reflective Level
  • Reflective Type
  • Removability
  • Series
  • Thickness
Pressure-Sensitive, Solvent Free
Latex and Screenprint
Diamond Grade Prismatic (DG3)
22 mil