Royal Sovereign RET-1652 Electric Trimmer

728421 MFG #: RET-1652
  • Blade Type: Self-Sharpening Rotary Blade
  • Cut Speed-Maximum: 6.6 ft/sec.
  • Cut Thickness-Maximum: 0.8mm
  • Cut Width-Maximum: 65"
  • Cutter Type: Electric Trimmer with Foot Pedal
  • Cutting Head: Bi-Directional Cutting Head
  • Dimensions: 83" x 20" x 40"
  • Optional Accessories: Feed Roll Holder

The RET-1652 saves time during production and provides a clean finishing touch. The open back design and LED cutting edge allows full poster panel trimming from the roll. Easily dispose of trimmings as they are collected and use the convenient casters to move the trimmer throughout the production environment.

  • Easy Clean Up the waste catcher ensures trimmings are collected and disposed of
  • LED Cutting Edge trim full poster panels from the roll
  • Hands Free Activation standard foot pedal provides quick activation
  • Rotary Blade includes a bi-directional self-sharpening rotary blade
  • Recommended Materials and Size Canvas (20mil), Laminate (15mil), Lexan (10mil), Paper (30mil), Styrene (10mil) and Vinyl (20mil)
  • Blade Type
  • Cut Width-Maximum
  • Cutter Type
  • Cutting Head
  • Dimensions
  • Optional Accessories
  • Cut Thickness-Maximum
  • Cut Speed-Maximum
Self-Sharpening Rotary Blade
Electric Trimmer with Foot Pedal
Bi-Directional Cutting Head
83" x 20" x 40"
Feed Roll Holder
6.6 ft/sec.