HanleyLED PRO Pf3120 LEDs

735077 MFG #: HLED-PF3120W

Phoenix 3 is the most versatile module on the market.

Ideal for use in wide and bright cabinets and channel letters, this module has a high lumen output and excellent heat dissipation, guaranteeing a lifespan of over 55,000 hours. Phoenix 3 is composed of premium, high-efficiency chips.

  • Beam Angle
  • Cascade
  • Efficacy
  • Modules/ft
  • Packaging
  • Power (W)
  • Protection Rating
  • Warranty
170° Phoenix wing optics

40 mods single-ended power feed

80 mods double-ended power feed

114 lm/W
1.48/ft (fully-stretched)
Anti-static bag, 80 modules (54 ft)/bag
1.2 W/mod (1.77 W/ft)
10-Year Product/5-Year Limited Labour