Arigi UV F2 Ink

Arigi UV F2 Ink
  • Colour: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  • Size: 1L

•    Good flexibility of the prints
•    Curing with LED or bulb systems
•    Wide color gamut combined with low ink consumption
•    Excellent jetting reliability (in many print modes)


The Arigi UV ink range of high-performance inks is targeted at wide-format printing. Arigi UV F2 is a UV-curable inkjet ink set suitable for printing on roll-to-roll and hybrid wide-format UV-printers equipped with bulb or LED curing and based on piezo printheads demanding a viscosity of 8 to 14 mPa.s at jetting temperature.The 7-color ink set (CMYKLcLmW) is designed for good flexibility of the prints.


Arigi UV F2 ink set is suitable for multi-pass printing with bulb or LED curing and equipped with piezo printheads with requirement for standard inkjet viscosity, including printheads from Konica Minolta, Xaar, Ricoh, Toshiba TEC, Fujifilm Dimatix, Seiko.