Principal Sloan BrightLINE 2LP

Principal Sloan BrightLINE 2LP



SloanLED BrightLINE 2 is better than ever at delivering bright, uniform illumination and fast, easy installation in shallow, single-sided, fabric-face light boxes, more efficiently with lower energy consumption allowing for more product per power supply!




  • Ideal for single-sided, fabric-face light boxes 1.2–4.7 in (30–120 mm) deep

  • NEW LP (low power) version optimized for applications at or below 1.57 in (40 mm) deep balances brightness and product spacing to achieve incredible loading of 44 (Long) sticks per 100 W power supply
  • Available in 6500 K and now 4000 K for greater versatility in illuminating warm to cool colors and skin tones

  • A massive increase in efficacy allows at least 50% more product per power supply over the previous generation without sacrificing brightness

  • Input Voltage
  • Protection Rating
  • Warranty
5-Year Product / 5-Year Limited Labour