Principal Sloan ColorLINE LED Bars

Pincipal Sloan LED Colorline
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • LED Colour: Blue, Bromo Blue, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
  • Length: 2', 4', 6', 8'



Add stunning neon-like appeal and increased awareness to any building with this patented LED‑based rigid tubing system. Completely assembled and sealed tubes are ready for installation. ColorLINE offers our brightest tubing light output, a neon‑like profile, and innovative, lit, mitered corners.

  • Daytime colour when non-illuminated

  • Slim profile similar to standard neon

  • High-impact acrylic: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, and non‑fading

  • Can be factory bent to a minimum 9.75-inch radius

  • Three lit, mitered corner configurations

  • Convenient, weatherproof connectors between sections

  • Field cuttable




  • Slim profile similar to standard neon

  • High-impact acrylic

  • Daytime colour when non-illuminated

LED Colour
  • Approximate Cut Increments
  • Factory Bends
  • In-Field Bends
  • IP Rating
  • Mounting
  • Operating Temperature
  • Power per Foot
9.75" radius (radial and flat bend)

Radial bend............19 ft

Flat bend.................6 ft

Dual-position mounting clips (400381-25) orient in two directions
-40° C to +70° C
2.28 W