Principal Sloan LEDStripe 24V

Principal Sloan LEDStripe 24V

Large-profile LED tubing


For 20 years LEDStripe® has added lighting elegance and distinction to buildings worldwide. This patented LED‑based rigid tubing system, with its large profile and long runs, has become the border tube system of choice for many retail, restaurant, and lodging chains.

  • Daytime colour when non‑illuminated

  • High impact acrylic: UV stable, hydrocarbon insensitive, and non‑fading

  • Can be factory bent to minimum 12-inch radius

  • Can be cut in the field

  • Conforms to UL 48 requirements

  • Factory Bends
  • In-Field Bends
  • Operating Tenperature
  • Power Capacity
  • Power per foot
  • Protection Class
12" radius (radial and flat bend)

Radial bend..............14 ft

Flat bend..................19 ft

-40° C to +70°C
60 ft per SloanLED 100 W 24 VDC power supply
1.5 W (except 1-ft piece at 3.0 W on average)