Principal Sloan Street Wrap Gen 2

Principal Sloan Street Wrap Gen 2

Your go-to field-cuttable rigid border solution for tubing—now in 24V.

Street Wrap™ Gen 2, now powered by 24 Volts, is your go-to rigid border solution for tubing that’s field-cuttable, so there are no pricey customization or set-up fees. Enjoy the benefits of a light tape-based design, allowing you to add that extra punch to your business’s facade quickly and easily.

  • IP67 LED 24V Light Tape
  • Indoor/outdoor application
  • Field cuttable
  • Evenly illuminates
  • Bring an extra punch of color to your business
  • Rigid, extruded aluminum

Round out your Street Wrap Gen 2 installation with related accessories:

  • End cap
  • Middle connector
  • Inside corner cap
  • Outside corner cap
  • Mounting brackets

NOTE: This product is rigid and will only work on straight and flush surfaces. It will not be able to be used on a curved surface of any kind. To ensure the necessary quantities are ordered, do not divide the total perimeter (in feet) by 8; this will likely result in a shortage during installation.

  • Beam Angle
  • Fastening
  • Input
  • Operating Temperature
  • Power
  • Protection Grade
  • Spacing
  • Warranty
120˚ High Dome Lambertian
Mounting Brackets (3 ea.)
-40° to +60˚C
22W per unit
3.38 mods/ft (fully stretched)
5-Year Product / 5-Year Limited Labor