Prinicpal Sloan PosterBOX 3 LED Modules

Prinicpal Sloan PosterBOX 3 LED Modules


Large, shallow light box illumination

PosterBOX™ 3, engineered specifically for large, fabric-faced light box applications, is the bright and even lighting solution this unique application requires. With 1700 lumens (Long) output and a built‑in LED module spacer, striping and spots vanish. PosterBOX 3 makes your large, shallow lightbox gorgeous.




  • Slim, edge-mounted modules make for fast and easy installs
  • Bright, even illumination in large cabinets with shallow depths of 3 inches for single‑sided applications and 4 inches for double‑sided applications
  • High efficiency and long life
  • Built‑in module spacer eliminates measuring and yields perfect LED pitch every time
  • Super‑efficient Constant Current Technology (CCT)


  • Colour Temperature
  • Efficacy
  • Fastening
  • Minimum Cabinet Depth
  • Operating Temperature
  • Power Per Module
  • Protection Class
  • Viewing Angle

Short- 118 lm/W

Long- 121 lm/W

Mechanical fasteners

Peel-n-stick (optional)

Single-sided - 3 in (75 mm)

Double-sided - 4 in (100 mm)

-40° C to +70° C

Short - 7.2 W

Long - 14.0 W

12.2° × 44.8° illumination