Allanson Speedlamp

Allanson Speedlamp


Designed to get you in and out fast, the SpeedLamp retrofit solution features an IP65 rating, coupled with a 120V direct connection, achieving a 50% energy savings versus T12 HO lamps. The sealed rotatable end caps and 50,000 hour lifetime rating provide outstanding performance while requiring fewer site visits, saving you time and money.

  • Depth
  • Packaging
  • Spacing
Recommended minimum distance from SpeedLamp to sign face is 6”

Each SpeedLamp unit is individually packaged in a protective cardboard tube.

  • 64″ units and under are packaged 25 units/box.
  • 72″ units and longer are packaged 10 units/box.
SpeedLamps should be positioned maximum 6” from the center of the lamp to the inside side wall of the cabinet, and space between lamps should be 12”