Avery Dennison SW 900 Supreme Wrapping Film

Avery Dennison SW 900 Supreme Wrapping Film
  • Adhesive Colour: Clear
  • Adhesive Features: Air-Release, Easy Apply RS, Repositionable, Slideable
  • Adhesive Type: Acrylic based, Pressure-Activated
  • Application Surfaces: Corrugated, Deep Channels, Flat, Flat with Rivets
  • Applications: Opaque Signage, Transit Graphics, Vehicle Wraps
  • Colour: Brushed Brushed Aluminum-812, Brushed Brushed Bronze-933, Brushed Brushed Steel-813, Brushed Carbon Fiber Black-194, Brushed Carbon Fiber White-115, Brushed Metallic Brushed Aluminum-812, Brushed Metallic Brushed Black-193, Brushed Metallic Brushed Bronze-933, Brushed Metallic Brushed Steel-813, Brushed Metallic Brushed Titanium-802, Carbon Fiber Blue Red-551, Carbon Fiber Red/Gold-447, Carbon Fiber Roaring Thunder-552, Diamond Purple-587, Diamond Red-426, Diamond Silver-878, Diamond White-161, Diamong Amber-221, Fresh Spring Gold/Silver-252, Fresh Spring-251, Gloss Ambulance Yellow-236, Gloss Black-190, Gloss Blue-677, Gloss Burgundy-475, Gloss Cardinal Red-433, Gloss Carmin Red-436, Gloss Dark Blue-681, Gloss Dark Green-792, Gloss Dark Grey-856, Gloss Dark Grey-865, Gloss Dark Yellow-249, Gloss Grass Green-758, Gloss Grey-832, Gloss Indigo Blue-699, Gloss Intense Blue-667, Gloss Light Blue-632, Gloss Lightning Ridge-611, Gloss Lime Green-731, Gloss Metallic Black-192, Gloss Metallic Bright Blue-646, Gloss Metallic Brown-929, Gloss Metallic Dark Blue-653, Gloss Metallic Gold-215, Gloss Metallic Grey-807, Gloss Metallic Quick Silver-814, Gloss Metallic Silver-803, Gloss Orange-370, Gloss Orange-373, Gloss Red-415, Gloss Rocky Grey-821, Gloss Soft Red-427, Gloss White-101, Gloss Yellow-235, Khaki Green-711, Matte Black-180, Matte Dark Grey-856, Matte Emerald Green-751, Matte Emerald Green-771, Matte Khaki Green-711, Matte Metallic Anthracite-858, Matte Metallic Blaze Orange-371, Matte Metallic Blue-615, Matte Metallic Brilliant Blue-671, Matte Metallic Brown-954, Matte Metallic Charcoal-845, Matte Metallic Cherry Red-444, Matte Metallic Frosty Blue-643, Matte Metallic Garnet Red-472, Matte Metallic Green Apple-745, Matte Metallic Gunmetal-840, Matte Metallic Midnight Sand-797, Matte Metallic Night Blue-623, Matte Metallic Pink-520, Matte Metallic Powder Blue-614, Matte Metallic Purple- 565, Matte Metallic Silver-857, Matte Metallic Yellow Green-243, Matte Midnight Sand-797, Matte Orange-321, Matte White-102, Pearl Dark Emerald Green-796, Pearl Light Green-777, Pearl Red-437, Pearl White-109, Pearl White-117, Radioactive-766, Red Gold-446, Roaring Thunder-552, Satin Awesome Orchid-502, Satin Black-197, Satin Bubblegum Pink-514, Satin Carmin Red-438, Satin Grass Green-759, Satin Green Khaki-712, Satin Khaki Green-712, Satin Light Blue-633, Satin Pearl White-117, Satin Riptide-673, Satin Urban Jungle-786, Satin White-116, Silver Metallic Spring Wrap-805, Urban Jungle-787
  • Durability: 5-12yr
  • Film Type: Cast, Opaque
  • Length: 1 yd, 25 yd, 5 yd
  • Liner Type: 90#, StaFlat
  • Removability: Removable
  • Series: SW900
  • Thickness: 3.24.7 mil, 3.2-4.7 mil
  • Width: 60"
  • Premium, cast vinyl wrapping film in your choice of colors
  • Dual-layer film incorporates color and clear protective layers
  • Out of the box application, no printing or laminating required
  • Easy Apply RS feature allows for faster positioning, bubble free application, and long term removability
  • Superior conformability to irregular substrates
  • Available in opaque and textured, special affect, and metallic options