728260 MFG #: 1040020000


  • Unifies workflow from prepress to print & cut tasks
  • Ensures reliable color reproduction
  • Reduces job preparation and production time
  • Saves media and ink


Print & Cut software package built for Visual Communication applications

Purchase one main license and share it with all computers (Mac and Linux) in your network. A Client computer requests different devices in your network to compute jobs, while a Server computer executes the requests. Add as many Clients and Servers as you need to drive an unlimited number of devices.

Caldera’s Print & Cut packages include an easy and powerful color management solution: EasyMedia. This step-by-step wizard will help you reproduce colors consistently across all your print configurations and on any type of media.

VisualRIP+ includes the necessary tools to help you make the best use of your resources. Reduce your ink and media consumption while maintaining the quality of your jobs and gain time while acquiring a better insight of your operations.

VisualRIP+ integrates an advanced cut module for a complete production workflow. Whether you use contour or XY devices, Caldera supports the best industry’s cutters.

  • Operating System
  • RIP & Printer Support
  • Software Type
  • Software Version
Mac OS
1 Roll-2-Roll Cut Driver
2 Large Format Print Drivers
Color Management
Contour Cutting
RIP Software