HP FB250 Inks

HP FB250 Inks
  • Ink Cartridge Size: 3 L
  • Ink Colour: Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Magenta, Yellow
  • Ink Series: HP FB250
  • Ink Type: UV Curable
  • Printer Compatibility: HP FB500/ HP FB700/ HP FB950
  • Proprietary HP inks are designed together with the HP Scitex printer
  • Impressive, long-lasting, durable prints, media versatility, and trouble-free printing
  • Designed to produce high-quality, long-lasting results
  • Smooth color transitions and sharp image detail
Ink Color
  • Ink Cartridge Size
  • Ink Series
  • Ink Type
  • Printer Compatibility
3 L
HP FB250
UV Curable
HP FB500/ HP FB700/ HP FB950