MBX Electric Vinyl Zapper

MBX Electric Vinyl Zapper
  • Removes vinyl, decals, pinstripes, reflective tape and adhesives quickly and easily
  • Eraser Wheel is designed with noched "fingers" that grab the edge of the vinyl
  • Vinyl and adhesive are removed without damaging OEM paint or harming substrate material
  • Mulitiple layers of vinyl can be removed at one time in hot or cold weather
  • Vibration -free and smooth operation
  • Removal rate is is 3550 sq. ft. per hour, reducing labor expense significantly

Purchase the starter kit and buy replacement wheels (sold separately) when needed

Starter Kit

Set consisting of MBX® Electric Drive Unit, MBX® Vinyl Zapper wheel and accessories packed in blow mold case


  • Design
  • Material
  • Starter Kit Includes
  • Warranty
  • Wheel Size
Toothed Wheel
Rubber Compound
2 Wheel Erasers/ Adapter Kit for 23 mm Belts/ ME-3200 Electric Power Tool
6 mo
25 mm