Onyx PosterShop


All the tools for a complete print and cut solution

Print operators will find it easy to manage multiple devices in a production environment while automating routine tasks which reduce errors and create greater overall efficiency. With ONYX PosterShop, print providers can utilize innovative color technology, on a proven RIP software platform, that delivers the ease of use and power needed to produce sellable prints faster.


Color Management  |  Print & Cut Workflow  |  Job Preparation


  • Full 64 bit platform (applications and RIP engines)
  • Single view of print, job and nesting information
  • Interactive, full color managed job previews in all applications
  • Automated Print-and-Cut workflow
  • Advanced Finishing Marks, Bleed, and Grommet Marks
  • Disproportionate Scaling
  • Automated and custom tiling with overlap
  • ONYX Color Engine with ICC generation
  • Smart 16-BIT ™ color blends and gradients
  • Fast printer recalibration tool in RIP Queue
  • Hardware
  • Operating System
  • RIP & Printer Support
  • Software Type
  • Software Version
  • Video
DVD-ROM drive
USB Port for security key (dedicated)
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
1 Active RIP
2 Active Printers
Color Management
Contour Cutting
Direct Vinyl Cutting
Jaws RIP
RIP Software
1280 x 1024 16-bit Color