SAWTRAX Sign Maker's Panel Saw

SAWTRAX Sign Maker's Panel Saw

Sign Makers vertical panel saw and substrate cutter


Full Size models are designed to have more material support to provide ease of use when rip cutting


It has the dust free benefits of a light duty substrate cutter and the heavy duty power of a panel saw saving you space and money. The pivoting knife insert can cut vertically and horizontally. When cutting thicker PVC or 10 mil Coro, it can score cut until through your material like a substrate cutter. 


Makita 5007F 15 Amp Saw | Accu-Square alignment | Best dust collection


  • L.E.D. lights to illuminate the line of cut
  • Spinning insert to change from vertical to horizontal cutting
  • Pivoting knife insert with adjustable tension
  • Variable tension spring for thin materials
  • Stop, Bar and 2 horizontal tapes and one vertical tape
  • Folding stand that is factory attached
  • Frame wheels for easy movement of the saw
  • Compact sized 52” and 64” models available
Cut Width-Maximum
  • Blade Type
  • Cutter Type
  • Cutting Head
  • Optional Accessories
Circular Saw/ Pivoting Knife Cutter Insert
Vertical Panel Saw
Makita 5007F Circular Saw on a Spinning Insert
ACM Cutter/ Floating Router Plate/ Frame Extensions/ Laser Alignment/ Mid Fence Support/ Sheet Clamp