Summa S-One Series D120 50" Cutter

800691 MFG #: S1D120
  • 53" cutting width
  • Optimized for rolls up to 50"
  • Accepts media up to 53" wide
  • Stand & basket are included
  • OPOS X is included

The S-One cutter is your companion if you want to perform long jobs, if you want the job to be done in time, and if you want a perfect cut without any hassle. The S-One cutter offers you all this and more. Even cutting around pre-printed jobs is possible.


The S-One’s versatile cutting head allows for quick switches between standard blades, thick material blades, plotting pens or pouncing tools to create perforated templates. With up to 600 grams of cutting force, the affordable S-One cutter outperforms many manufacturers' high-end cutters.


The exclusive MicroSprocket™ drive drum tracks full rolls without skewing off-track. Complete cutting accuracy on individual files is guaranteed up to 8 meters in length, enabling to cut long designs or various designs subsequently without the need to reload.


The OPOS X technology, standard on all S One models, looks automatically for the cross marks by using a sensor. OPOS X has extended possibilities to execute contour cutting jobs automatically, fast, accurately and on a wide range of materials.

  • Cut Speed - Maximum
  • Cut Type
  • Cut Width - Maximum
  • Cutting Force
  • Includes
44.5 in/s
53 "
0 - 600 gf
(2) Standard Knife
Cut Off Knife
Pair of Flanges
Power Cable & USB Cable
Stand & Basket
Standard Knife Holder