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Eco-friendly Printable Paper and Banner

Interior signage, point-of-purchase, hanging signs and informational display applications all have one thing in common – you’re going to need a quality paper or banner to get your message across.
Eco-friendly Printable Paper and Banner

Interior signage, point-of-purchase, hanging signs and informational display applications all have one thing in common – you’re going to need a quality banner or paper product to get your message across!

That is where Grimco can help, and this time, we’ve got environmentally responsible products to get the job done.



Printable Paper Products

Sihl is a global leader for digital print media and has revolutionized a range of films, papers and specialty materials to accept a variety of ink technologies that include aqueous, solvent, UV curable, latex and toner. Customers will recognize the superior quality of products and options available for multiple applications, making Sihl a “one stop shop” for digitally printable substrates. 

In addition to providing high performance media to the industry, Sihl is providing customers with a group of products that are considered eco-friendly or that have environmental benefits.

 Sihl offers several FSC® Certified papers, which are important for a number of reasons. FSC® is an acronym for Forest Stewardship Council®, which is an organization that was established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.  Certification indicates that products, such as paper, have been harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. FSC® certified paper often contains recycled paper and can be tracked back to where the wood was harvested. It is well known that FSC® certification helps prevent the clear cutting of forests for wood pulp.

If you would like to check out Sihl’s FSC® Certificate documentation, it is available on their website here.   

Sihl’s TriSolv™ imaging and photo media line, which was developed for wide format latex, eco-solvent and UV curable ink technologies is not only FSC® Certified but is also recyclable.

 This includes the 3684 TriSolv™ Poster Paper Prime, 3687 TriSolv™ PostArt Blue, 3689 TriSolv™ PostArt, as well as the 3686 TriSolv™ PrimeArt and 3699 TriSolv™ PhotoArt.  If you are looking for an aqueous inkjet compatible paper product, you’ll bet that Sihl has you covered with their 3333 TrueColor™ 140 and 3335 TrueColor™ 180, which are both FSC® Certified and recyclable.  All these products are available for purchase through Grimco, so contact your local branch today for more information!  Lead times may or may not be associated and are dependent on availability. 


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Banner Materials

 Dietzgen Corporation is notoriously known for providing quality converted and manufactured products, such as paper, films and textiles for digital print media applications.  By providing customers with a substantial distribution network, Dietzgen can quickly and efficiently service your needs for premium products you can trust.


 Dietzgen is proud to offer the award-winning Magic Digital Imaging Media portfolio to customers, which is available through Grimco. Magic is known for their outstanding digital media solutions that include canvas, photo paper, banner, textiles, and more!


Every year, Wide-Format & Signage announces their Readers’ Choice Top Product Awards that are nominated and chosen by readers, print service providers and industry professionals alike. In 2018, more than 150 products were nominated for the award and Magic RENEW non-woven PET banner was successful in achieving the recognition as being one of 20 ‘Top Products’ in the industry. RENEW is not only printable and lightweight, it can be used for customized pennants, hung from ceilings, fences and scaffolding, all while maintaining recyclable qualities. Known for being the perfect alternative to vinyl, RENEW is made from recycled plastic bottles and 100% post-consumer waste!  


Magic RENEW is available through Grimco in several widths to meet any of your application needs.             

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