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Eco-friendly Substrates

Grimco’s got you covered with substrate options for both indoor and outdoor applications – always at the best price!
Eco-friendly Substrates

Looking for an eco-friendly substrate for your next installation? Grimco’s got you covered with substrate options for both indoor and outdoor applications – always at the best price!


Grimco is proud to offer Falconboard®, the fully recyclable rigid graphics media board from Hexacomb®.  Falconboard® is designed to be used in interior applications where strong, rigid and even lightweight features are required. In addition to the Falconboard® Mount which works for roll media and mounting requirements, Grimco also offers Falconboard® Print for those applications that require a direct-to-print surface. 


Falconboard is made primarily from renewable forest resources and is approved for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) certified sourcing label, which indicates renewable virgin and post-consumer recycled fibers.                                                         


                                                                          Just as Hexacomb® says, “Stronger, flatter, GREENER, BETTER!”

More information on the sustainability of the Falconboard® products is available on the PCA website.


UltraBoard Classic

Well known in the industry for its outstanding quality and performance, UltraBoard is a completely plastic 100% recyclable foam-core board.

Grimco offer’s the UltraBoard Classic substrates in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and in black, white and colour combination options. Both the foam core and rigid facers of UltraBoard classic are comprised of polystyrene, and are thermoplastic, meaning they can be melted down and reincorporated into new extruded polystyrene products.

UltraBoard Classic is one of the most popular and versatile rigid substrates Grimco offers for interior signage and can be used in over 10 different applications – including routing, painting, direct printing, and more! You can feel confident purchasing UltraBoard Classic for your next indoor substrate needs.


Additional information on the sustainability of UltraBoard Classic can be found on their UltraBoard website.


MDO Sign Boards

Plywood has been widely used in the signage industry for many years due to its versatility and use in outdoor applications.

Grimco’s premium MDO sign boards come from a well-known and highly respected forest products company, Swanson Group, located out of Roseburg, Oregon. Since its founding, Swanson Group has been committed to maintaining sound environmental practices and protecting forest resources.

Finished product lines from Swanson Group include SignReady UV Plywood which provide customers with the confidence of a 5-year outdoor product. In addition, Grimco offers the Prefinished UV Plywood for 2-year outdoor applications, along with the Crezon 2-Step MDO Plywood and Preprimed MDO Plywood to meet all your signage requirements.

Swanson Group’s finished MDO substrates are produced, primarily, from trees grown and harvested in Oregon under the guidelines of the Oregon Forest Practices Act (OFPA), which was established in 1972. 


More information regarding the OFPA and additional environmental contributions of Swanson Group can be found on their website